QUICK CARE GERMANY is a provider of innovative and compassionate special medical care services.


QUICK CARE GERMANY was established by multi-lingual experts focusing on providing ethno and religious appropriate care services in Germany. We aim at assisting foreign and international patients to get satisfactory and psychological re-assuring care, which equates to 'care at home but away from home'. We are operating with a well-proven team of medical professors, physicians, support personnel and translators in Germany. We are offering our services in Arabic, English and German.


Depending on the medical needs of our patients, we are arranging the necessary treatment by members of our network of hospitals, professors, physicians and support personnel in Germany as well as visa issues. This includes consideration of our patients’ needs concerning catering compliant with religious and ethnic needs.

To entourage of our patients, we are arranging accommodation and touristic activities.

We manage the invoicing between patients and our network of care providers. We handle all questions relating to insurance coverage and billing.

Our team provides the aforementioned services 24/7.


Treatment is offered to clients in the specialties in medicine below:


Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Angiology, Allergies and Immune Diseases, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer (Special Oncological Care), Cardiology, Clinical Psychology, Chest Diseases and Intensive-Medicine Management, Diabetes Mellitus, Endocrinology, Endoscopics (minimal Invasive Surgical Operations), Haematology, Hearing loss Assessment and Therapy (Anaemia monitoring) Moyamoya Disease, Neurology, Nephrology, Nuclear medicine, Oncology, Ophthalmology (Eye ailment management and prescription glasses- dispensation), Orthopaedic Care and After-Surgery Rehabilitation, Pneumology, Radiology, Rheumatic Diseases.


Outpatient treatment

Upon arrival in Germany our team of medical experts evaluates the patient’s medical needs and suggests appropriate treatment measures. Outpatient treatment is applied if a patient does not need to be hospitalised, in case of post-surgical treatment or rehabilitation.

Medical care through our network is complemented with transportation in Germany.

Ambulant treatment

Ambulant treatment is a “day-care” program which is suggested to patient in need of minor surgery; for example, arthroscopic treatments, dental surgery or plastic surgery. The patient is discharged to go home, if stable after the treatment. But should the patient be clinically unstable after the ambulatory treatment the patient will remain in hospital until full stability is confirmed.

Stationary treatment

Stationary treatment is “in-hospital care treatment”. Patients in need of stationary treatment will be admitted to stay on short-term or long-term basis in the hospital. During hospitalisation, the patient is been taken care of by members of our network of professors, physicians and support personnel.

Depending on the progress of the treatment, the patient will be dismissed from the hospital and referred to outpatient or ambulant treatment.

While in stationary treatment, care will be taken for catering according to religious and ethnic provisions of our patients.

Medical rehabilitation care

Some patients may need therapeutic care offered at rehabilitative resorts, known as treatment “spa” or health-holiday centres. In Germany these are called “Kur”. Germany is world famous for its special rehabilitative spa care centres with thermal baths predominantly located in attractive landscapes and cities like Baden-Baden, Bad Homburg or Wiesbaden.
QUICK CARE GERMANY will organise and arrange convenient stays for its patients.

Medical equipment and ancillary services

We provide our patients with special treatment at home, medical equipment, prosthesis, orthopaedic shoes, glasses, hearing aids and pharmaceuticals both prescribed and over-the counter medicines. These can be provided to patients while they are still in Germany or airfreighted to their home address.

Support in patient home country

Even when the patient returns home, the following medical devices/equipment can be shipped to the patient by airfreight:

Wheel chairs, Walking aids, Refills for prescribed pharmaceutical medicines, Homoeopathic medicine,•Wound care antiseptic solutions and cream, Vitamins and Supplements, Glasses, Hearing aids• and other items.


Our treatment services can be accessed within 72 hours and in case of emergency, in less than 48 hours.


In cases of utmost emergencies, we will arrange Air-Ambulance to pick up patients from their home base to Frankfurt Main Airport for further intensive care in Germany. We adhere to the best practice of patient´s bill of rights and stick to medical data privacy acts in management of all our clients.

Compassionate Service

Our clients get pre-treatment, treatment and post –treatment support and guidance delivered with culture appropriate passion and in patients mother-tongue or in the closest language which the client understands best. We provide diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative care at selected German Clinical Care Centers of Excellence. We ensure that clinical care is delivered with concern and compassion.


In addition to the medical treatment offered to our patients our team is completely in-charge of patients and clients management. It is responsible for provision of all visiting patients pre-treatment booking, patient arrival care at Frankfurt Airport in language patient`s understands, patients shuttle ride to adequate and satisfactory accommodation at the network hospitals and clinics and other locations patients may wish to see or shop.

The following support services stand ready for all our clients.



Translation service is offered to our clients by our multi-lingual team.


Our Patient and family travel service offer transportation for Clients at their place of residence, or hotels to the airport.We pick patient and their family up from the airport in Germany and bring them to the medical care facility and hotel. We also offer VIP chauffeur and hostess service. Clients can also RENT a CAR during stay in Germany.


We offer adequate and luxury accommodation to patients and to family members who accompany them to Germany.


We offer unique range of cultural activities, including visits to “must see sites” seeing German beautiful old castles, landscapes, mountains and “River-Rhein-Cruises” and forests walk, German latest shopping malls/outlets and more such as: entertainment program for accompanying persons and children according to their wishes.



First patients obtain medical report from their own doctors and forward this to us by e-mail or fax for initial assessment and evaluation to enable us set up an appointment for them.Patients get and send us clearance for payment of care they seek through us in Germany.Payment for care can be done in three ways:

1. Self payment in this case the patients email us evidence of international valid Bank (credit) cards.

2. Payment through valid Health Care Insurance ( send us all the necessary payment forms from the insurance group ).

3. Payment by the government or other agencies. Patient must send us , fully documented papers confirming their sponsorship for the treatment by the Government or agencies.

If Payment is to done via their Embassy in Germany, patient must supply us the name of the Embassy, name and phone, fax or email of officer -in-charge of Health matters and letter of irrevocable commitment to pay for the patient care in Germany.

Once these are received by us we contact the patient.


Patients obtain their past-treatment medical reports, including X-Rays, Magnetic Resonanence (MRI), Laboratory Diagnostic tests done, List of Medicines prescribed by their Doctor. This report should be mailed to us before patient comes to us in Germany. The other items such as X-Ray and MRI can also be included or brought personally by the patient when coming to Germany.

Our Professorial team reviews the patients report and arrange appointment date for treatment in the most appropriate specialist clinic.

Patients are sent this appointment date and our arrival form; Patient is required to confirm this date of appointment and fill out the arrival form including the number of people who will accompany him or her to Germany for this treatment.

This form is immediately sent to our headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.Upon receipt of all the above, our airport shuttle service picks up the patient and accompanying family members when they arrive at Frankfurt airport.


  • VISA

We arrange entry Visa formalities at the German Embassies in patient’s own country of residence. Passports must be valid at least 6 months longer than the planned stay in Germany.Clients/Patients must have the following documents in originals and copies ready

1. Two application forms—legibly filled out and signed.

2. Two(2) current passport pictures.

3. Confirmed appointment for treatment in Germany forwarded by Quick German Care to the Patient/Client.

4. Proof of funding readiness and Patient capability for payment of the medical treatment in Germany, if payment is through Health Care Insurance confirmation letter from the insurance must be shown as well.

5. Accompanying persons must also present Certificate of Travel and health insurance coverage.


Before commencement of treatment, all patients must make the mandatory pre-payment deposit or if Government sponsored, send full payment guarantee and irrevocable letter for payment issued by their government or the Embassy to confirm that this will handle cost for care given to the patient in Germany. This must be address to us. We will send all Patients/Clients the address along with our appointment letter and the arrival forms, all in our Pre-treatment package.

Please be aware that payment of the Pre-Treatment deposit is a requirement all patients/clients must meet before they are issued entry Visa to Germany.

Our treatment professorial team will first prepare cost of clinical care estimate, this is added to cost of the support and other necessary services provided by Quick Care Germany.The total cost is then forwarded by us to person or agency responsible for payment.


Managers: E.Mahidy
Office: Holzhecke 8
60528 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Telephone: + 49 (0) 15218996715
Fax: + 49 (0) 69-67736991

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